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Good bye Tulkarem

The last time I left a foreign country after a three months stay the tsunami came and destroyed a lot one week after. Here in Palestine there is a joke that goes approximately like this:

Three good things about the wall:

  1. You can lean on it if you are exhausted
  2. You can throw waste food on the other side *
  3. It protects you from the tsunami

In spite of this the risk of catastrophe is always there in this area, and if the massive catastrophe doesn’t come the occupation will produce catastrophes for the individuals every day. Imprisonment, military raids, bullet wounds, restrictions of movement, impossible economy, unemployment, etc, and not to forget the soldiers’ situation: dealing with people as worthless animals one day and living the “good” life with family and friends the next day.

I left Tulkarem with a feeling of leaving good people behind in the trouble. This combined with the fact that it will be a long time before I will see them again made the farewell a bit sad.

*) I am not 100 % sure how this point is, but it is something with food


War 2, Nablus

I mentioned that it appeared to be more than normal military traffic in and out of Nablus last week. The people there are used to military activities more or less daily and especially in the night, but it was more than usual the last week. In our program we don’t approach the refugee camps while the military is there. However, today, a few days after it has calmed down a bit, we found our way to get an impression of what has gone on there. See video:

Someone else was braver and recorded some of it when it actually happened. After 27 of 64 seconds, or the freeze picture before the start, in the video below a glimpse of the demolition in the video above is shown.

Then compare the machine with that one shown under the heading “War” below and I have the pleasure of stating: “I was right” (“You don’t want this one in your garden”. A check of the dates shows that the machine shown under “War” was on its way to someone else)


This morning we were at a different agricultural gate than those we have seen before. I am not an expert in farming, but something tells me that the opening hours might be a little strict here:

The atmosphere and some information on Zeita agricultural gate

Heart from Jenin

As he was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy met him. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!” When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed. (Luc 17, 12 to 14).

The healed people

One of the pictures in the church

Yesterday we were in the church that is build where these people were living. Situated close to the city of Jenin it is a little bit outside the ordinary routine for tourists and pilgrims in this country.

It is Ismael that took is there. We come to Jenin in order to visit him, not forgotten tourist attractions. He lives in the renovated part of the refugee camp. The part which was bombed in 2002. In spite of this the bullet marks are already there on the buildings; Israeli soldiers are doing raids here during the night several times a week. Ismael tells that a boy called Mohammed was shoot in the stomach by a soldier the previous day.

Mohammed survived. Ahmed, Mohammed’s friend and Ismale’s son, didn’t when he was shoot two years ago. He was targeted and shoot by a soldier from 130 meters while playing with a tool gun. The family choose a different way after he was killed. One of Ismael’s brothers was sick and needed organs. They decided to donate Ahmed’s organs to people in need. After this Ismael has been a peace activist and traveled around to do speeches and he has build up a peace centre in Jenin.

The Khatib family

The Khatib family 

On the tomb it is written: “I am Ahmed from Jenin. I was killed while playing.

In the following Ismael has maintained the contact with those getting organs from Ahmed’s body. Among them there are four Israelis. They are of course thankful and their parents have promised to try to convince them to refuse to join the army. Ismael hopes that these and other children shall contribute to build bridges between the people in the area.

Not everyone appreciates the speeches Ismael does. One month ago he was in Israel to talk. After this he reckon that he has been but on the black list of the military and he is not allowed into Israel any more. For security reasons. This also means that he will face problems on check points situated within the West Bank. He tells that he will walk in the terrain in order to bypass the check points if he wants to go to the neighbor city Nablus.

A German TV team has followed the family for a while now. The title of the movie they are making is “Heart from Jenin”. Probably recommendable when it comes.

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