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Good bye Tulkarem

The last time I left a foreign country after a three months stay the tsunami came and destroyed a lot one week after. Here in Palestine there is a joke that goes approximately like this:

Three good things about the wall:

  1. You can lean on it if you are exhausted
  2. You can throw waste food on the other side *
  3. It protects you from the tsunami

In spite of this the risk of catastrophe is always there in this area, and if the massive catastrophe doesn’t come the occupation will produce catastrophes for the individuals every day. Imprisonment, military raids, bullet wounds, restrictions of movement, impossible economy, unemployment, etc, and not to forget the soldiers’ situation: dealing with people as worthless animals one day and living the “good” life with family and friends the next day.

I left Tulkarem with a feeling of leaving good people behind in the trouble. This combined with the fact that it will be a long time before I will see them again made the farewell a bit sad.

*) I am not 100 % sure how this point is, but it is something with food

Picnic in Kafa

Marte reporting from Tulkarem: Yesterday we went on a fantastic picnic near Tulkarem with some local people. The athmosphere was good, with friendly people communicating mostly by body language, excellent food (chicken prepared in a hole in the ground), olive tree climbing, paparazzies, self-picked figues for dessert and a beautiful sunset.

Welcome To My Blog

Now I have been three days in Tulkarem where I am going to stay in almost three months. Right now I am in Jerusalem for further training. I look forward to return to Tulkarem. Due to the tendencies the last couple of weeks we will prioritize monitoring of check points (within the West Bank) and agricultural gates (through the wall, fence, etc). Especially the check points have been bad. If you scroll further down you will find more about what we will do these places. However, the information is not covering all aspects so don’t hesitate to ask if you will like to know more or if something isn’t clear.

The video below is from the “Handover Party” we had in Tulkarem.


First Day In Tulkarem

Than I have reached the place where I am going to live the next three months: Tulkarem. This is an area that in terms of religion has to be considered as a Muslim area. There are five Christian Palestinians living here. The new group of accompaniers here are Hayley from Britain, Johanna from Sweden and myself.

Already today we got an introduction to one of our tasks here: Check point watch. This means a check point within the West Bank, a permanent one in this case. We did this together with one of the experienced accompaniers leaving Tulkarem soon.

The video and photos are from the check points ”Anabta” and ”Beit Iba” 16th of July. More on this when I have more good pictures. It is not very popular to use the camera when the soldiers are nearby. 

We arrived the check point about six and there were somewhat more than 30 vehicles in the queue. The waiting time was 20 to 30 minutes. Our experienced accompanier thought that our presence caused a more rapid checking procedure. Beside that there is not too much concrete to achieve. The soldiers decide what are going to happen. The special order of today (and the last weeks) is to deny men between 16 and 35 years passage. So then we just stood there and looked smart. A guy traveling the other direction told us about problems in the tunnel between Qalqiliya and Habla. Wow, some people believe we make a difference.

We are going to stay here a few more days before we go back to Jerusalem for more training.

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