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Magic in Yanoun

I did write that I was involved in a car crash on my way back from a place called Yanoun, and the visit in the refugee camp in Nablus was also during this trip. However I didn’t tell what I actually did in Yanoun.

Yanoun is a small place the inhabitants left a few years ago because they couldn’t stand the harassment from the settlements and outposts in the neighborhood. They agreed to return only with a constant international presence in the village and declared one of the houses to be the “international house”. That is the background for the EAPPI’s role at the place.

When I was there I had the pleasure of watching Ghassan from “The children team” doing magic for the kids. Some of the tricks are in the video below:

We didn’t come early enough to watch the puppet show they had before the magic. We were busy in a meeting with Doctors without borders. They came to draft the need for psychiatric treatment among the people living in Yanoun.

The day before we met a boy called Yosef in the hospital in Nablus. He was burned on the upper part of his body after some phosphorous blow up in front of him while he was out with the sheep. It is not only settlers and outposts surrounding Yanoun. Also a restricted military area occupies the land. No signs show its boarders and anyway: The people need to bring their sheep somewhere and they would most likely do it even with signs. We addressed that a friend of Yosef watched the incident and might suffer from trauma.

Beside that it was a lot of walking during my days in Yanoun. I also developed my donkey riding skills further. All in all I had good days there with good food and enough sleep.


Palestinian photographing

I don’t like to tell it, but the average Palestinian has a serious handicap when it comes to photographing. One example was yesterday when I visited the refugee camp. It was a dinner gathering after the fast this day. My friend takes the camera and starts shooting:


The air flow is crucial for the result.

Not so much smoke

With the cigarette in the mouth instead of the hand carrying the camera the result turns out be better.

The food was delicious.

Car Accident, See the Photos!

On my way back from a place called Yanoun I was once again involved in a traffic accident. Also this time I survived without any injuries, In fact, no one was hurt. As far as I understand it was four reasons for this crash:

  1. The old Mercedes I was in had bad breaks.
  2. The brand new Volkswagen Multivan in front of us had incredible breaks.
  3. The driver of the Mercedes didn’t keep proper distance to the vehicle in front.
  4. A group of military vehicles had decided to turn in the middle of the road and covered both lanes a place people normally drive 120 km/h (I know this from other trips I have been in new cars with speedometers that work)  


 The driver of the Multivan inspects the scratches. The soldier to the lefts is wondering what’s going on. The antenna to the right indicates the direction of the military vehicle.

Car accident 2

After the while the military is ready to go back were they come from.


Sometimes it is obvious that this is a war and not only slowly degeneration. This is mostly through the media which tells about military raids in the refugee camps in the night, curfews, soldiers being captured or targeted by gunshot, rockets etc. Thursday was a day the machinery around this was very visible for us. On the check point it was heavy traffic with military vehicles. Jeeps, armored vehicles and also a power shovel.

Israeli Power Shovel

You don’t want this one in your garden. Read more about those who get visits like this at The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions or click here to look how it was when a identical machine were on duty in a town nearby a few weeks ago.

Inside one of the armored vehicles traveling into Nablus there were blindfolded persons, probably prisoners that were going to be set free. A couple of minutes earlier a big bus with partly opaque windows left the same city. It also contained blindfolded persons. The bus was accompanied with military vehicles with well equipped soldiers; among other special things they were wearing knee pads.

Parallel to this and stories about gunfire and bombardment in and towards the refugee camp in Nablus, the life goes on: Small but slow traffic out of the biggest city of the West Bank.

Beit Iba

This truck was number 20 in the queue when it arrived the check point. The photo is taken 1 hour and 45 minutes later at the moment it is number one in the queue

Football in Bethlehem

On Thursday I was in Bethlehem. There I met Mannar, Johnny and their kids. They hosted me the first time I was in Palestine. They are member of the Greek Orthodox Church. Every year the church arranges a football tournament for the members. The teams are out together after the following rules:

  • Only family members
  • Only players over 23
  • Only players that do not play in football clubs

Below is a video from Tawil family’s first match in 2007.


Everyone has talked about it the last week. And tonight the final update came: The moon has told that the Ramadan will start on Thursday and not Wednesday which also was a possible scenario. This mean one extra day with normal eating & drinking, and which many people emphasize most: smoke…



Back in Tulkarem, and guess what: We had ten minutes of rain today. It is the first time I experience this here. I know that the summer back home has been a little bit different than this. The temperature is also better now. I slept without the fan pointed directly on my naked body this night.


The photo is taken on the way back home from the check points between here and Nablus we visited this morning. When we came back, a friend of us told us that one of the check points had closed for all traffic because a man tried to get through with some explosives.

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