Good bye Tulkarem

The last time I left a foreign country after a three months stay the tsunami came and destroyed a lot one week after. Here in Palestine there is a joke that goes approximately like this:

Three good things about the wall:

  1. You can lean on it if you are exhausted
  2. You can throw waste food on the other side *
  3. It protects you from the tsunami

In spite of this the risk of catastrophe is always there in this area, and if the massive catastrophe doesn’t come the occupation will produce catastrophes for the individuals every day. Imprisonment, military raids, bullet wounds, restrictions of movement, impossible economy, unemployment, etc, and not to forget the soldiers’ situation: dealing with people as worthless animals one day and living the “good” life with family and friends the next day.

I left Tulkarem with a feeling of leaving good people behind in the trouble. This combined with the fact that it will be a long time before I will see them again made the farewell a bit sad.

*) I am not 100 % sure how this point is, but it is something with food


1 Response to “Good bye Tulkarem”

  1. 1 m7md July 4, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Greetings , am glad you found some nice people here in tulkarm and that you enjoyed your stay !
    I was looking for random blogs enterys online about tulkarem, its sad that almost none mentioned a big problem here :S its that toxic factory on the west side of the city run by the israeli side ! The fumes coming out of it are really dangerous according to health organizations but no body really cares. I wish there could be a movement to stop them or something. Then only start the factory if the wind is toward the east (tulkarem) so no fumes go into israel !
    I thought I’d just share this with everyone concerend with tulkarem online. It might cause some change (:
    cheers and good luck

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