Sometimes it is obvious that this is a war and not only slowly degeneration. This is mostly through the media which tells about military raids in the refugee camps in the night, curfews, soldiers being captured or targeted by gunshot, rockets etc. Thursday was a day the machinery around this was very visible for us. On the check point it was heavy traffic with military vehicles. Jeeps, armored vehicles and also a power shovel.

Israeli Power Shovel

You don’t want this one in your garden. Read more about those who get visits like this at The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions or click here to look how it was when a identical machine were on duty in a town nearby a few weeks ago.

Inside one of the armored vehicles traveling into Nablus there were blindfolded persons, probably prisoners that were going to be set free. A couple of minutes earlier a big bus with partly opaque windows left the same city. It also contained blindfolded persons. The bus was accompanied with military vehicles with well equipped soldiers; among other special things they were wearing knee pads.

Parallel to this and stories about gunfire and bombardment in and towards the refugee camp in Nablus, the life goes on: Small but slow traffic out of the biggest city of the West Bank.

Beit Iba

This truck was number 20 in the queue when it arrived the check point. The photo is taken 1 hour and 45 minutes later at the moment it is number one in the queue


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