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 I am filming Angela Godfrey-Goldstein while she is explaining.


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Good bye Tulkarem

The last time I left a foreign country after a three months stay the tsunami came and destroyed a lot one week after. Here in Palestine there is a joke that goes approximately like this:

Three good things about the wall:

  1. You can lean on it if you are exhausted
  2. You can throw waste food on the other side *
  3. It protects you from the tsunami

In spite of this the risk of catastrophe is always there in this area, and if the massive catastrophe doesn’t come the occupation will produce catastrophes for the individuals every day. Imprisonment, military raids, bullet wounds, restrictions of movement, impossible economy, unemployment, etc, and not to forget the soldiers’ situation: dealing with people as worthless animals one day and living the “good” life with family and friends the next day.

I left Tulkarem with a feeling of leaving good people behind in the trouble. This combined with the fact that it will be a long time before I will see them again made the farewell a bit sad.

*) I am not 100 % sure how this point is, but it is something with food

Metal Detector

A while ago I wrote that I would follow up one of my videos about the metal detector at the agricultural gate for people separated from their land by the Israeli barrier. The problem with the metal detector is that it is much more time consuming to get through when it is applied. We have registered 2 hours waiting time from the opening time to all the people are trough people can walk back and bring tractors and donkeys over.

The follow up video shows a slightly different scenario. We had been told that the soldiers had applied the metal detector for the people returning back during the lunch opening hour between 1130 and 1230 the last two days. I went to take a look and here is some of what I saw:

The reason? Most likely the soldiers want to enjoy the AC in the metal detector building rather than stand outside in the sun. If this issue is addressed the magic word of “security” (for the soldiers) will approach the surface quickly and end the discussion according to the farmers. On Monday however, the farmers had a small spontaneous strike/demonstration where they managed to convince the soldiers that tractors and donkeys should be let through as soon as their owners are through the detector. The video shows the implementation of it.

Magic in Yanoun

I did write that I was involved in a car crash on my way back from a place called Yanoun, and the visit in the refugee camp in Nablus was also during this trip. However I didn’t tell what I actually did in Yanoun.

Yanoun is a small place the inhabitants left a few years ago because they couldn’t stand the harassment from the settlements and outposts in the neighborhood. They agreed to return only with a constant international presence in the village and declared one of the houses to be the “international house”. That is the background for the EAPPI’s role at the place.

When I was there I had the pleasure of watching Ghassan from “The children team” doing magic for the kids. Some of the tricks are in the video below:

We didn’t come early enough to watch the puppet show they had before the magic. We were busy in a meeting with Doctors without borders. They came to draft the need for psychiatric treatment among the people living in Yanoun.

The day before we met a boy called Yosef in the hospital in Nablus. He was burned on the upper part of his body after some phosphorous blow up in front of him while he was out with the sheep. It is not only settlers and outposts surrounding Yanoun. Also a restricted military area occupies the land. No signs show its boarders and anyway: The people need to bring their sheep somewhere and they would most likely do it even with signs. We addressed that a friend of Yosef watched the incident and might suffer from trauma.

Beside that it was a lot of walking during my days in Yanoun. I also developed my donkey riding skills further. All in all I had good days there with good food and enough sleep.

Palestinian photographing

I don’t like to tell it, but the average Palestinian has a serious handicap when it comes to photographing. One example was yesterday when I visited the refugee camp. It was a dinner gathering after the fast this day. My friend takes the camera and starts shooting:


The air flow is crucial for the result.

Not so much smoke

With the cigarette in the mouth instead of the hand carrying the camera the result turns out be better.

The food was delicious.

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